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What is Corporate Service?

It is a specialized service that allows companies to use mobile business cards more efficiently.
Administrators can manage on the website and share corporate information, promotions, and other information.
It is shared with customers and business partners who have the business card,
so that you can have direct and indirect corporate promotional effects and high-quality business card services.


Corporate Culture and Image

Corporate Template

Provide customized templates that contain the corporate culture and image!
If you give us the employee list, the contents of the employee list are applied to their mobile phone at the same time as well.
The template will be set automatically if each employee enters the corporate code on one’s mobile phone.


Introduce and Promote Your Company

Corporate Information and Promotion

Now you can give your corporate information accurately and promote your company & new products with mobile business cards.
You can check corporate information, promotions, history, news, etc. in the SHIFT app ‘corporate information tab’.
Let people know about your company and update them!


Only for Company Employees


It can help you to check company announcements at anytime and anywhere even though you are working away from the office, on vacation, or on other matters such as business trips.
Give announcement to employees who made business cards through corporate service!
It is possible to get information on work quickly and to manage company policies and events periodically.


In Addition to Managing and Social Networking,

Corporate Family Network

Don’t know who works at your local office or branches?
Unsure about employees in other departments or on different floors?
Mobile business card SHIFT can help networking with the employees of the same company.
With this Corporate Family Network, every employee can build a bond with other coworkers and activate a community within a company.
Administrators can easily manage employments and have upgraded employee list in Excel file!


To Improve Work Efficiency and Networking

Partners Business Cards Sharing

Do you still find business cards in your card book and hand it to your coworkers?
Do you give external personnel contact to workers separately for specific projects?
Now, at SHIFT, you can share partners business cards with each other on your team.
Anytime, anywhere, you can easily check contacts of business-related partners or friends, and you can also add them in My Friends.
Share your company’s partners business cards all together at a glance!


For Efficient Corporate and Personal Schedule Management

Corporate Calendar

Now you can share and manage your corporate family’s schedule efficiently in SHIFT!
Adding and managing events of members in corporate family are basically provided.
By informing the members in corporate family and sharing events with other departments through Corporate Calendar, it is possible to enhance work efficiency and strengthen internal communication such as project management, work hour preferences and more.

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