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personal connections. worth more than that.
Mobile business card


Paper business cards,
Mobile business card SHIFT !!

Do you still use paper business cards?
Or do you carry a paper business card in your wallet?
What do you do if your phone number changes or you get a promotion?

Easily create business cards on your mobile,
Start managing your connections on your mobile.


Users of mobile business cards,
students, housewives, SHIFT!!

The business card is the product of an office worker?
SHIFT supports anyone with a mobile phone to make their own business card.
You can select the template provided and create and use your own business card in one minute.
Choose a moving template, a simple template, a fun template, and more. Enter your information, and then finish creating your business card...
Express yourself through a background template that changes depending on your mood.
It's available to connections in real time.


Business cards, worth more than that!
B2B Enterprise Services!!

Promotional marketing through the provision of corporate information, not just the delivery of contacts,
Employees enter and leave the company, strengthen internal communication, corporate event management, keyword advertisement,..Etc.
Company business cards are evolving through SHIFT optimized for global services.

SHIFT provides a separate administrator page,
Through mobile business cards, information provision, promotional marketing, communication enhancement, Feel the network management, etc.
The value of the enterprise is SHIFT.


Face-to-face/face-to-face is the default,
Global network SHIFT!

SHIFT provides multilingual UI.
Let's build and manage connections beyond Korea to Asia and all over the world.
I will be responsible for global networking.

Real-time information managed with networking.
Now, SHIFT is responsible for your network.

Download it now!

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